The retail rush

Retail investors have been returning to equity mutual funds and the cash markets, but it’s too early to say the trend is here to stay Ciberzone Softech After refusing to be wooed by tax breaks, discounts on PSU shares, and a variety of other sops, retail investors have been thronging back to equities in the […]


We all go through the ups and downs of life and the most of us, on average, come out just good… Majority of us have done ‘something’ wrong in past… ‘something’ that intermittently keeps pushing the guilt button ON and we, after a brief moment of resulting-bitterness, constantly keep pushing it OFF… ‘something‘ that we […]

Software developers must remember

As a software developer, you need to keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in your niche. You also need to brush up on your development knowledge regularly so that you don’t take a wrong turn while building an application. One of the ways that can help you become aware of the relevant developments in […]

How to Handle Code Complexity

How to Handle Code Complexity in a Software Company Here’s an obvious statement that has some subtle consequences: Only an individual programmer can resolve code complexity. That is, resolving code complexity requires the attention of an individual person on that code. They can certainly use appropriate tools to make the task easier, but ultimately it’s […]