We all go through the ups and downs of life and the most of us, on average, come out just good... Majority of us have done 'something' wrong in past... 'something' that intermittently keeps pushing the guilt button ON and we, after a brief moment of resulting-bitterness, constantly keep pushing it OFF... 'something' that we … Continue reading FORGIVENESS is the key to HAPPINESS


Software Companies Can Gain Competitive Advantage

I help hundreds of technology buyers each year to understand the impact of technology changes on their software contracts, but I also get questions from software providers about how best to price their products. Some are bringing new products to market and want to know how to maximize revenue, while others are struggling with obsolete … Continue reading Software Companies Can Gain Competitive Advantage

E-commerce Magento websites……… “massive” cyberattack

Magento content management systems are embroiled within a "massive" cyberattack campaign which has already infected over 50,000 websites. Websites running the Magento CMS are being infected within a fresh campaign which has impacted thousands of domains in a matter of days. Over the weekend, researchers from Sucuri Labs said the attack involves the injection of … Continue reading E-commerce Magento websites……… “massive” cyberattack